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Solid Woven carbon Fibre Heating Elements £580.00 + vat Fitted

Split Carbon Fibre Heating Elements £580.00 + vat Fitted

I offer two types of add on heated seating elements that fits seamlessly in to your cars interior, and give a factory fit and feel with the finished job being indistinguishable from the OEM (original equipment manufacture ) units fitted on the production line.

One is a split design Carbon Fibre type of material and fits to cars with a split running front to rear on the base or top to bottom on the seat back, the system comes with a three position switch for high low and off control of the heating. The elements have a thermostatically controlled and cut in and out when the temperature is reached and is disconnected when the ignition is turned off.

The second set is a solid panel and is made off a woven Carbon fibre that offers the same facility as the split seat but is more universal in it application and fits a wider range of cars

Heating Elements

Heating elements are the heart of our retrofit seat heating kits and come in two styles

Round Switch type With High And Low Position